Saturday, January 17, 2009

Water Storage Options

It has been recommended that we store 14 gallons of water per person in order to have a 2-week supply of drinking water. That's only 1 gallon a day per person, which isn't much to live on when you consider cooking, basic washing, bathing, and sanitation. You may want to consider storing more. Keep in mind that lack of clean water caused tons of problems in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Some common storage options are small water bottles, soda pop bottles, 5-gallon jugs (shown in white), 15-gallon jugs (shown in blue), and 55-gallon drums (not shown).

There are advantages and disadvantages to each storage method.

Small bottles & soda pop bottles: They are portable and can fit in smaller storage areas and backpacks. However, it takes a lot of bottles to store a lot of water. For example, you'd have to store about 29 soda bottles to get 15 gallons of water.

5-gallon jugs: They are still portable and are small enough to fit in smaller spaces. But, they don't stack well. You can get these jugs on sale for about $3.99.

15-gallon jugs: They are tall and slender and would fit well in a closet or underneath the stairs. Once full, one person would not be able to lift it. You'll will need a siphon, and you should secure it so it won't tip over. You can get these for about $25 on sale, making them a more expensive option than buying three 5-gallon jugs.

55-gallon drum: It holds a lot of water. If you have the room, this is the way to go. Select placement carefully because that baby isn't going anywhere once it is full. You'll need a siphon and it should be secured. You can pick them up on sale (or at Walmart) for about $40.00, although I've seen some on KSL classifieds for a lot less.

Other recommendations regarding water:
-Consider storing both small and large containers so that you can have the benefits of portability and large quantities.
-Have a water filter.
-Stash a gallon bleach.
-Be sure to buy a siphon for the larger containers.
-Keep a barrier between the water containers and the concrete.
-Anchor the larger containers so they don't tip.
-Anchor your water heater too.
-Review these recommendations for storage and purification.

Recommendations for Beginners
If you haven't stored any water yet and are just beginning, I'd recommend buying a 5-gallon jug for each member of your family today. With a 5-day supply under your belt, you can then decide how you want to proceed with the rest of it.

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