Monday, January 19, 2009

Finding Storage Space for Water

Okay, after posting my last post regarding water storage options, I had an ah-ha moment. Just like you, I have struggled with where to put all the water.....

.... in the storage room? (but it is nearly full already)
.... in spare bedroom? (but I want guests too!)
.... under the stairs? (but I don't want it near all the wheat that is already there)
.... in the family room? (but our home decor is already hurtin' enough)

I don't want to trip over it. I don't want it in my way. I really don't want to know it's even there.

I'm sure you can appreciate my dilemma because if you are reading this post, you probably are having a similar struggle.

Then it hit me: Look for dead space.

You know, dead space, those spaces deep in closets as well as the nooks and crannies of a house that no one uses and that are not really accessible for everyday stuff.

Then I was off on a hunt for dead space. I took a couple of empty 5-gallon jugs and zipped around the house opening closets to see how many jugs I could stash away undetected in my house. The result? I found enough dead space for 37 5-gallon jugs (quick math: that's 185 gallons of water!)

Here are a few photos of my dead space.

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