Friday, January 23, 2009

Canned Veggies & Beans

Yeah, I know, it seems like a lot. But when you add it all up, it's not quite enough, actually.

Deciding What to Buy: I decided that I wanted to have one canned vegetable for each day of the year. Canned corn and beans are the only two we'll eat, so that's what I bought.

Years ago I'd buy items for emergency use even though we didn't use those items in our regular meals. Lesson learned! Now I buy things that I can and will use.

In addition to the veggies, I bought a stack of refried beans. Since we eat so many of these (and Abby loves them), we go through a ton. I am worried I didn't buy enough.

Rotation: Since the cases were purchased at different times, I put the newer cans on the bottom and stacked them up by age. Each case is dated and the oldest cans will be used first. All I have to do is take from the top of the pile.

Expiration dates: Personally, I don't get too fussy about expiration dates, except if the item is really old. Currently I am using up some really old green beans that are barely edible because years ago I didn't rotate my storage correctly. Lesson learned!


  1. Your rotation sounds like a pain in the ass. It' seems worth the dough to buy one of those can rotating racks

  2. Rotation is a pain, I'll admit. We all have space and financial limitations when it comes to food storage. While a rotating rack may be ideal for someone who had plenty of dough and space, it may not be ideal for another who is limited on both.

    For me, a rotating rack that would fit 400-500 cans would probably be bigger and bulkier and take more room than just stacking the cases under the stairs. I don't want to have a rack in my family room or spare bedroom.

    One limitation I have had to work around is that my storage room shelving was not designed by me and therefore doesn't meet my needs exactly.

    At the moment, it is more important to me to gather the food items than to tear apart and rebuild the storage room. If that means I have to rotate cans the hard way, then that's okay.

  3. If you ever decide you want storage racks...I am working with Shelf Reliance to sell them on my website. I can get you a deal. :)

  4. Okay, you are so never going to see my food storage. I'd be embarrassed! But, since this site has been started I'm taking it a little more seriously.

    I do have a small stockpile of Green Beans, Corn, Chili & Refried Beans. So, if you ever got stuck living with us. I think we could accommodate your needs.

    I agree. I only like to buy stuff I know my family will eat (hence items above). Nothing is worse the wasting money on food storage when it is so important.

  5. I hear you, Jana. Lately Angie and I have been talking about recipes that use food storage items. We both have been making lists of recipes that our family will eat and that use items that are easily stored.