Tuesday, January 20, 2009

7-Gallon Water Jugs & Water Weight

We are still trying to get Ted signed up as a co-author, so I thought I would post his recommendations that he emailed to me (there were 2 emails so I sort of combined them and edited to blend it all). He said:

Did you know that one gallon of water weighs 8.34lbs? This is helpful when trying to figure how exactly you're going to manage those large supplies of water, especially when thinking through the portability of each unit.

I've purchased a (2) seven gallon container (58.38lbs/each from a company called Reliant http://relianceproducts.com. They produce a sturdy container....a little more rugged and user friendly than the traditional clear unit. The name of the container is Aqua Tainer. I've also purchased a couple of 55 gallion drums (458.70 lbs)...trust me you can't move these.

The jugs can be purchased online through a couple of distributors (Target...although they charge shipping on the containers which ups the price quit a bit). I purchased mine at Sportsman's Warehouse, although they won't have them until their summer camping equipment comes in, so I haven't been able to pick up additional units at this point.

I'm also researching an easy means of cycling the water every 6 months with the use of a small electric water pump.

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  1. Just adding a little comment here:
    Consider using the dark containers if you have a choice. They are better for water storage because they keep the light out. Light allows more microbial growth in water. The clear and white containers let in a lot of light, so keep them in dark places or covered.