Friday, January 16, 2009

Buying Your First Few Items

If you are just beginning your food storage, I'd recommend starting off with a small variety of a few items and then build upon it. In my opinion, it is better to have a small variety of food rather than tons of one item and nothing else. So, if you are just starting, I'd buy things that I know my family and I would use anyway, such as canned green beans and corn, canned chili, refried beans, tuna, canned peaches or pears, canned spaghetti sauce, pasta, water jugs, sacks of rice, flour, sugar, a bottle of oil, salt, and a can opener.

Date everything and set it aside. For now, it's okay to leave the flour, sugar, and rice in its original packaging, but as you gather and store more and more bulk items, proper packaging will become necessary. But, for now, just get a few of the basics stashed in your pantry. Yes, rotation is important, but if you are just beginning then the idea is to have enough on hand that you can take care of yourself for a while.

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