Thursday, June 18, 2009

White Wheat At Walmart

It's June 18th 2009 and today I spotted 50 pound bags of white spring wheat at Walmart for $16.00. That's only slightly higher than the LDS Cannery/Home Storage Center's price of $7.40 per 25-pound bag.

Quick math: Walmart's price is currently $1.20 more per 50 pounds than the LDS Cannery.

Of course I bought ANOTHER bag. Shush, don't tell Dave. I'll just slip it into the storage room and he'll never know.

Some people collect stamps. I collect wheat. You should too 'cause you can't eat stamps!

(There is nothing that makes me giddier than buying bulk food. It's been a good day :-)

Oh, and one more thing.... Walmart doesn't always have this product, so if you want it, get it now. Even the LDS Cannery sometimes runs out of it, too.


  1. actually they are listed at 5.90 for 25 lb bags at the lds cannery. See fall 2009 prices

  2. Thanks for the price update. Prices change periodically so it's good to know the price is lower now. Thanks!