Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stock up on White Wheat

For several months during the fall and winter, the Springville LDS Cannery had been out of white wheat. Today I went and found out that they have plenty, so I bought 75 pounds. I don't really need it now, but I will later this fall and winter, and I don't want to run into the same problem I had last year.

The cannery is currently selling it for $7.40 for a 25-pound bag. Some months ago I found it at Walmart for a comparable price, but I haven't seen bulk sacks of white wheat at Walmart since then.

Lesson learned: Stock up on white wheat when you see it for a decent price because it isn't an item that you can readily get year round, unless you want to pay dearly for it.

Side note: I have liked using white wheat better than red wheat for homemade bread. Red wheat gives the bread a wheatier taste and makes the loaf heavier. Also, I have a bunch of red and white wheat stored in #10 cans, which I intend to just leave on the shelf and NOT rotate due to the expense of putting it in cans. That will be for my long-term storage. I intend to buy fresh wheat each year, left in bags or in a bucket with a GammaLid, to be used for breadmaking throughout the year.


  1. I love your blog! There is some great information here. Do you know of any dangers to vacuum sealing granola made with honey? Is there enough moisture is granola for botulism to be a problem?
    We have started a blog with a group of women in Kaysville that is similar to yours. You may want to check it out at

  2. Tammy, I don't know how honey in granola would do in a vacuum sealed environment. I do know that baked breads that have been sealed into canning jars is dangerous. Low acidity, no oxygen, and a little moisture is what botulism needs to produce its toxin. Given this, and the fact that honey contains botulism spores (harmless to adults), I'd be reluctant to put honey in any form into an environment without oxygen. I'd error on the side of caution given that botulism toxin can be deadly. I wouldn't do it.

    Second, granola usually contains oil. Items that contain oil will eventually go rancid and are therefore not suitable for long-term storage.

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