Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vital Wheat Gluten in Bulk

I have been very happy with the way Vital Wheat Gluten makes homemade whole wheat bread very light and fluffy. Initially I started using it as an experiment, so I only purchased it in small containers. Now that I know that I like it, I'm ready to buy in bulk.

I have found two places that carry it in bulk.

50-pound bag for $78.99 from Kitchen Kneads (Ogden, Utah).
50-pound bag for $91.03 from Blue Chip Group (Salt Lake City, Utah).

I'd like to find it in a 25 pound bag, if possible, or split and order with someone. My bread recipe calls for 2/3 of a cup, so even 25 pounds will take a while to go through.

What I don't know is the shelf life of the product or how well it would can in a #10 can. I do know that milled grains have a shorter shelf life than whole grains. I may opt to put it in a bucket with a Gamma lid.


  1. All estimates are under proper storage conditions (cool, dry, dark):
    50 lb bag about a year
    Bucket 4+ years
    #10 can 10+ years

    These estimates are from picking the brain of my employer who's been in the grains/storage business since 1972. Our company doesn't sell vital wheat gluten, but we use it in several recipes.

  2. Jacob: This info is very helpful. I feel a little better about buying it in bulk now. Thanks!