Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More About Steam Canner Controversy

Jodie posted about the controversy regarding steam canners. I found a tidbit of info that unfortunately does not clear anything up (how helpful, eh?)

I happen to own the Back to Basics Steam Canner, a popular product sold in Utah stores. I have the 2008 instruction manual which includes this statement on page 2:

"Research scientists at Utah State University have tested steam canning and pronounced it as a safe and effective way for processing fruits, jams, tomatoes and other high acid foods."

However, the Back to Basics Steam Canner 2009 instruction manual does not contain that statement (at least that I could find).

NOTE: Utah State University Extension center has weighed in on this topic with a position statement against the use of a steam canner. It also explains the confusion regarding the statement made by the Back to Basics company.

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